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Welcome to My Books! This is where all the juicy info will be on, will, on all of my books!

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The Wanderer (Published: February 18th, 2016)

  What would you think if you found out you were alien? That you’ve been lied to your whole life? That a group of aliens want you dead? Welcome to the life of Asa, a gypsy girl, whose life has just been thrown into that situation. She has learned that she must travel from her hometown, to an undisclosed location. However the enemies don’t seem to want to give her a break.

The Maker (Coming Soon)

Spotlight Characters Week


 Asa Deck....

 Race: Suada

Status: Queen, Warrior, Alive

Personality: Different, happy, sad, angry, funny, silly, awkward

 Favorite food:   Polvorones De Canele (July's newsletter had the recipe!)

 Favorite Color(s): Red, Orange, and black

Favorite Animal: Fox

Weapon: Sword

Favorite Quote: 'A life is worth a million, but is a million worth a life?'

 Quote used: 

Alright Readers, now its your turn, first go to your social media account (or email me) which character should go up against Asa! After we tally it up, I'll be putting up a spotlight of who makes it out on top!!

So go! right now and tell me who you think Asa should go up against!

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