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FAQ #1

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can I have a review copy of your book('s)?

 Probably, I have a street team that gets the ARC's before anything else. It's not that all of you guys don't matter, that's just why there is a street team. If I have extra's or Ebooks, I'll probably be able to send you one. Just email me, and ask.

Will you come to my school / local library / bookstore, or do a Skype visit with my book club/Class/ or Readers/Fans of your book?

 You know what? I'd love to do that, however I would need permission, a place (Hotel) to stay, and airfare. So it'll be a bit harder saying then doing. Skype calls I can do mostly from anywhere, however in-person meet-ups would probably have to happen either on tour (If I have one near you.) Or if I have free time!

 But don't feel that I don't love you guys, I do, and that's why hopefully I can meet all of you soon enough!

 But Skype calls, is a sure. So if you have a classroom, a fan club, or anything else with a group, I'd love to!!

Can I write fanfic based on your books?

 Heck yes! I would feel absolutely honored. However for Legal reasons I cannot read them. But I'm pretty sure their epic! I feel people can have their own opinion, and that people should meet each character and world in their own perspective. 

How did you get into writing?

I started writing when I was about ten, I wrote on Quotev (I was never into Wattpad at the time.) I loved writing stories. 

 Then I came up with; what if I was a character? what would happen if my character was in the story? And that is how I became a fan-fic writer. I learned to love to write. I then took it to a whole new level, in 2013, when i stumbled upon NaNoWriMo (If you don't know what it is, check it out: http// I, at that time, was clueless and had thought I had plenty of time to do it and so finally two weeks passed, and I read that it was due at midnight on the 30th of november, so scrambling I came up with the ideas of The Runners Series. And how I got into writing (The story is probably longer, but I'd hate to bore you.)

Did you really use to write fanfiction?

 Yes I did, I learned the love of writing I had, through that. It was so much fun, that I still do it every so often! I also loved the feedback I got.

 I’m writing a book! Will you read and critique my manuscript?

 You know what? I would love to, however I can't, for legal reasons, that is like the length of the sea, it's all so mumble-bubble, that I understand zip; but it just means I can't. However there is many great people around, that I'm pretty sure they would love to help you out. (If your self-published, I'm pretty sure there's questions that I could probably answer or help you out with.)

Do you have any pets?

 My brother.... Ok, ok, I'm just kidding. For now all I have is a bearded dragon, named Drogon (I pronounce it: Dro-gong. Even though it's pronounced Dro-car-us.)

What’s your favorite book?

 Ok that's not to hard, do you hve about seven-billions of years? Just kidding, I like alot, but so far my fav book, has to be:

 Legend by Marie Lu

Is there going to be a movie or Tv Show, based off of The Runners Series? or any other book of yours?

 Sadly I have no idea. I would love for there to be a movie or Tv show, however I'm no producer or film-director, or billionaire. 

 So I can't say if, or when there will be a movie. But if there is going to be one, and I'm allowed to tell, I'll make sure you know!

If they do make a movie, can I be in it?

It's very unhighly I'll even be able to play a part in the production, or casting call. But if there is open auditions, I'll post and add it to my newletter, for all of you to know!

What are you working on now?

 The Maker (2016) and another Runners, which for now is on the DL.... So yeah!

Can I give you/Send you something?

 I would love that! for now I don't have a P.O. Box, so it'll probably be when we meet. But once I get a box, I'll let you all know, so I can get more Fan-Mail!

Have you been to any of the places that you have written about?

 Not all of them, I live in Washington, so Spokane is in driving distance, and so is California and Oregon. And So I've been to those places. However nowhere else. 

 I love traveling, so hopefully I can visit more places, but everything I've written about has been studied through either the screen of my laptop or a book.

Do you intend to write more books, after The Runners Series?

 Yes, I really hope too. However I'm taking one thing at a time.

Do you have any siblings?

 Yeppers, An older sister, and a younger brother

Do you write with outlines?

 Sometimes, but mostly I just sit down and write, and when I get lost, I go to this amazing site called Pinterest


The Runners Series Questions:

You said that The Runners Series was Sci-fi, but I have yet to see any Sci-fi things in The Wanderer, why?

 So basically it is a Sci-Fi Series, but the stories like The Wanderer and The Maker are the back stories, before they come to their homeland, or learn of the alien stuff... That doesn't mean there won't be alien things, just not as much as the last book well have.

where did The Runners idea come from?

 I love the history, trends, and fashions of Medieval time, I also am a YA addicted reader, and I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy. So I came up with what if there was Aliens who lived in Medieval times instead of the whole futuristic thing? And that's how The Runners became to exist, I then thought, well, what if a reader asks about the backstories, when The Runners were on earth, and how everything happened? With all the Characters, it would take forever! So I got back into writing, and wrote Asa's story, and now I'm writing the rest of the others..... So that's how The Runners came to be.

What Formats are your books in?

 Well, so far their in Ebook and Paperback, I'm hoping that in the future I can do Hardback and/or Audiobook

The Wanderer ended with Asa, well you know, why wasn't she angry anymore?

 Oh, I do know, thank you for not spoiling that ending for everyone... So that answer to that, is it finally sunk in, and you don't really know what happened after the days passed. But it'll come out what's going on.

Asa was kind of emotional, why so bi-polar?

 Somethings happened, and since it was third point of view, only it was always on Asa, you never got the answers, however in the next few books you should be getting some answers. 

What happened with the characters? After The Wanderer ended?

 Well as you know one stayed, however each Protector and others leave to get or help the other Runners. There's been times when another Protector needs help. Like Nat; whose the nurse, he has to basically be in eighteen place all at the sametime.

Why Eighteen as the age they learn?

 Well I feel sixteen is always overused in YA genre, I understand that at sixteen, you feel either powerful or powerless, but so many books in the genre's use either sixteen, or someone 21+ and so I thought 18 would be a good place.


How many books are The Runners Series getting?

 Honestly I have no clue, but once I figure out, I'll let you know!

So like the Alien question, why is there no medieval things?

 Well they live in today's society, you don't except them to hop, skip and jump into a corset, dress and sword, and look normal, right? I had to make them seem, how do I say this, Normal? So they wouldn't look nuts and be sent to the funny farm. However I'll make sure you get some Medieval things!

In The Wanderer we met people, and then it was like they dropped off the face of the planet, what happened?

 Oh, their fine, they are basically like Extras, only for a book. They are one of those people who are mysterious; they meet the character and then Poof their gone. 

The Wanderer, The Maker, and the rest (Except for the last book) All seem like stand-alone's, I thought this was a series?

 It is, and They are stand alones. Each book takes you into each character's life, before, and when they learn, they are aliens. 

 You can read either each and every book, or you can skip different ones. You just well be learning about that certain character, not everyone, the last book is when they come together. 


I guessThis is the end of the first FAQ, if there is any other questions, don't hesitate to email me!

 Lot's of love from every one from the Runners and Me;